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For those newcomers out there, you will find lots of shawls in this blog that is suitable for any attire of your choice: be it casual outing, wedding functions or simply to add more styles to your blooming shawl collections.. There are a wide variety of designs offered, and I will try to bring out the exclusive pieces just for you.. *winks*

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hi everyone! (^_^)

All items in this blog are currently on sale! Yay!  Basically it’s a stock clearance in conjunction with the month of Ramadhan and the upcoming Hari Raya… :D

Grab as many items as you want, as discounts on top of discounts will be given. All items are on 50% discount, AND on top of that, if you buy 3 items and more, a further 10% discount will be given. Loving the thought? Hehehe..

So come on now and grab whatever you fancy... (^_*)

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