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Monday, May 16, 2011

Pakistan Shawl

Pakistan Shawl have tiny details at the edges and also beautiful flower designs running across the entire shawl.. Very comfortable to use when you are out in the open and very easy to style.. This shawl comes in a variety of colour.. You may even find the colour of your choice.. (",)

Price: BND12
Price: BND 6

PS01. Rainbow
Status: Available

PS02. Shades of blue
Status: Available
PS03. Shades of yellow
Status: Available
PS04. Pink
Status: Available
PS05. Shades of  pink 1
Status: Available
PS06. Shades of  pink 2
Status: Available

PS07. White
Status: Available
PS08. Black
Status: Available
PS09. Shades of grey 1
Status: Available
PS11. Shades of grey 2
Status: Available

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