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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Shawls In-Love

The shawls in this edition are all imported and specially hand-picked by me.. (",) The designs range from flowery, stripes and patchwork.. I called them "shawls in-love" because you will definitely fall head over heels with the designs! These shawls are exclusively one piece each so that it will be uniquely yours.. (^_^)

Price: BND 20
Now: BND 10

SIL01. Flower Fusion
Status: Available

SIL01 shawl details

SIL05. Teal Patchwork
Status: Available

SIL05 shawl details

SIL06. Chocolate Patchwork
Status: Available

SIL06 shawl details

SIL08. Minty Stripes
Status: Available

SIL08 shawl details

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